Organizational Development

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Dean Group Consulting, LLC's (DGC) approach to organization development involves organization analysis, organization planning, and organization design to help ensure that any modifications or changes in the organizational structure are consistent with our client’s overall business objectives and human resources objectives. DGC therefore begins with a clear understanding and reaffirmation of the organization’s vision, mission, and business objectives.

When conducting organization development consulting engagements, DGC focuses on the following activities:

  • Conducting an in-depth review of organization mission statements, business plans, business strategies, and human resource philosophy
  • Reviewing written organization materials to include personnel policy and procedure guides, employee benefit handbooks, orientation guides, compensation administration manuals, organization charts, lines of progression charts, job descriptions, training manuals, etc.
  • Conducting interviews with selected executives, managers, professionals, supervisors, and non-management employees
  • Conducting focus group sessions as well as pencil-and-paper employee attitude surveys
  • Interviewing, as appropriate, selected organizational clients/customers, competitors, board members, suppliers, auditors, and legal counsel
  • Re-defining organizational philosophies and organization goals and objectives
  • Presenting alternative organization structure designs

DGC has a clear understanding of the different types of organization structures including hierarchical structures, matrix structures, and cluster structures. Our consulting philosophy involves not only understanding the different types of organization structures, but knowing which structure is the most effective for a given client.

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