Employee Benefit Analysis

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Dean Group Consulting, LLC's (DGC) approach to employee benefit analysis is to help ensure a competitive and affordable employee benefit program. We focus on all elements of a client’s employee benefit program including:

  • Health Insurance Plans
  • Life Insurance Plans
  • Disability Plans
  • Vision/Dental Plans
  • Retirement Plans
  • Other Benefit Plans (Retiree Health Insurance Plans, Long-term Care Plans, Etc.)

We begin our consulting engagements by working with the top human resources executive and other members of the management to reaffirm the client’s total compensation philosophy (regarding cash compensation and employee benefits) and to reaffirm the client’s vision, mission, and business objectives. We also gather information on the employee benefit concerns of the top human resources executive as well as other management and non-management employees throughout the organization. We then gather external market employee benefit data from similarly sized organizations. We examine employee benefit data gathered from all different types of organizations in both the for-profit and nonprofit arena. We then report on the competitiveness of the client’s employee benefit program when examined alone, as well as the overall competitiveness of the client’s total compensation program including both employee benefits and cash compensation.

DGC is not an insurance brokerage firm, thus we do not provide the same services as an insurance broker. However, we would work closely with the client’s current insurance brokerage firm to make recommendations on how to enhance various employee benefit program elements and make them more competitive in regard to marketplace practices. We would also work closely with the client’s retirement plan consultants and advisors in the same capacity.

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